Promoting social science literacy one video at a time

In addition to our animated historical documentaries, Armchair Academics produces a range of educational content on the social sciences, focusing on the theories, methods, and intellectual history of anthropology and sociology. Our social science content is divided into three different series: Off the Shelf (long-form, in-depth discussions of social science); Theory to Go (short-form introductions to major concepts and theories); and our Curated Lists series (exploring specific authors, books, and theories in an accessible, platform-friendly format).

Our social science series

Off the Shelf

Long-form video essays that dig deep into the history, methods, and theories of social science.

Theory to Go

Bite-sized explainers on key topics in anthropology and sociology.

Curated Lists

Curated lists of amazing books, articles, researchers, and theories, presented and compiled by specialists in their respective fields.